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how to make beef consomme

Name : Beef Consomme

Yield : 10 Portions

Ingredient :

  • 2,5 ltr white beef stock
  • 950 gr meat clarification
  • 2 pcs onion / slice and browning

For Meat Clafication :

  • 500 gr minced beef
  • 200 gr carrot brunoise
  • 100 gr leek brunoise
  • 100 gr onion chopped
  • 50 gr celery brunoise
  • 2 pcs white egg
  • 5 gr black pepper corn
  • 5 pcs bay leave
  • 8 pcs clove
  • 20 gr rosemary
  • 20 gr thyme
  • salt

Method Of Cooking :

  1. for meat clarification, mixture all ingredients in food chopper
  2. mix the brown onion with all ingredients, and white egg, salt, pepper corn, bay leaf, and cloves
  3. keep the mixture in refregerator for over night
  4. mix the meat clarifications with cold beef stock in the stock pot
  5. boil the quickly, until all ingredients coming upon thigh with white egg
  6. simmer the soup very gently for approx 2-3 hours and strain through a double cloth
  7. remove excess fat add seasoning using salt only

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